Traditional craftsmanship and flawless manufacturing techniques, handed down from generation to generation, come alive in Manopoulos’ factory in Greece. A rare blend of superb craftsmanship and a passion for moulding the extraordinary, transforms carefully selected materials into fine Manopoulos creations. Each creation carries a bit of our soul and legacy.

Our backgammon collection is hand crafted with the finest wood such as olive, mahogany, walnut, rosewood, ebony and many more. Natural wood gives the backgammon a unique look, an incredible sense of touch and durability. Wood by its nature cannot be free of imperfections. Uneven wood grains and different shadings are part of its characteristics and proof of its authenticity. The different wood veneers are inserted below the body of wood by using the traditional technique of marquetry, an art that flourished in Europe in the 16th century.

Our premium quality chess collection is the result of gifted sculptors’ inspiration and high level workmanship with a deep respect in the ancient Greek civilization. The use of the most advanced technology of die casting and metal plating and the choice of the best materials give our customers a 5-year guarantee. The chessmen are varnished and finished off by hand. We are proud to produce this unique chess collection engaged to great cultural value.