Product Care

Chess boards and pieces

The Chess boards and pieces are made with the most advanced technology and metal plating. The chessmen are varnished and finished by hand. In order to enjoy them for a lifetime please be sure to follow the care instructions. 

Backgammon sets and checkers

The Backgammon sets and checkers are hand crafted with the finest wood. Natural wood gives the backgammon a unique look and an incredible sense of touch and durability.

Please, do follow the care instructions carefully:

  • The products must not come in contact with chemicals.
  • Avoid humidity and water contact.
  • Clean by using a dry cloth.

Replacement Policy

Manopoulos Company offers a 2-year guarantee of replacement that includes all defects in materials and workmanship. In case of loss, replacing parts can be sold separately.

Proof of purchase, handling and posting fees are required with all claims.

Please contact: